Saturday, November 20, 2010

Farmer jason playing for the nfl

I received some interesting news about my friend Farmer Jason (aka Jason Ringenberg) via the Michael J. Media Group. Apparently Farmer Jason has found some work in the NFL. We need to have him back to our church again sometime. Here's the blurb I got:
Nashville, TN--The Carolina Panthers and Green Bay Packers will be using Farmer Jason tracks for their 2011 game promotions and CD releases geared for kids. The Panthers will use a song Farmer Jason custom-co-wrote and recorded about their mascot called "Sir Purr." Joining Farmer Jason writing and recording these tracks is Warner E. Hodges (the Jason and the Scorchers’ guitarist), and Joe Blanton, a friend of both Warner and Jason, who sang in The Royal Court of China. They call themselves "Team Farmer Jason." Both the Panthers and the Packers will also use a Team Farmer Jason song called "He's the Quarterback," which Joe sings lead on.
Jason Ringenberg, Warner E. Hodges, and Joe Blanton also wrote and recorded
a "grown up" song currently being used by the Panthers called "Panthers Runnin' Wild," with Joe singing lead. The song is being used for in- game promotions and is included on the official team CD, Black and Blue. The band on that track is Warner, Joe, and Jason and is called "Electric Blitz."