Thursday, November 04, 2010

Not politics, but people

My brilliant daughter posted something on Facebook yesterday that I thought hit the nail right on the head. She said she... wondering who we will blame next while the economy continues to get worse and there is little or no change in the unemployment rate. These are not political party problems, these are American culture problems.

I couldn't agree more. We think we just need to elect different people and they will somehow fix everything for us. But no one wants to take responsibility for their own actions. We can't continue to be a greedy, lazy, money-hungry, self-centered society and think it isn't going to have far-reaching consequences. I don't care who gets elected or which party controls congress. In fact, I don't care if we have a capitalist, socialist, or communist form of government. All governments are dependent upon the people they serve. Our problems are not about politics, they are about us as people. Until we start to care about the welfare of our fellow human beings no laws or edicts are going to change a thing. To quote Ghandi, "we need to be the change we wish to see in the world."

Not that politicians are off the hook though. I think they are supposed to be people too. I mean, wouldn't it be great to have some politicians who actually thought their job was to serve the people, rather than to spite the other party? As I've said before, this is why I like President Obama. No, I don't agree with him on everything; no, I don't think he is some kind of Messiah; no, he is not perfect... But when I hear him speak he actually talks about trying to address the problems and issues we are facing in American today, and, really, in the world. It riles me to no end to hear opponents of his who simply want to bash everything he does, but yet they offer no solutions of their own.

Anyway, I am tired of politics. I am tired of politicians playing politics. I am tired of hearing about it, reading about it, and thinking about it. What I would like is for some PEOPLE (and it would be nice if this included politicians) to actually engage some of the issues at hand and work to make this a better country and a better world. If all you're going to do is blame another 'party'... then get yourself a reality show or something. That doesn't do anyone any good.

But... what do I know? And what do any of our politicians care? Not much, in my mind. So I will look to the real Hope of the world, and pray for people, not politics.

Peace out, my friends; and in.


Jim said...

Hear, hear!

living3368 said...

Amen to that! Young Carrie is indeed brilliant.

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