Friday, November 05, 2010

Random friday thoughts

It was four years ago today that my mother-in-law passed away. Man, seems like yesterday. What a lady.

Next weekend we are scheduled to receive a truckload of our stuff that we've had stored at her house and at my parents house. If it all fits in one truck I think that means we will just about have all of our stuff where we are. So we probably need to start getting rid of some other stuff to make room for it.

Daughter Carrie goes to the doctor today for her regular monthly checkup. We will see if her recent inclinations are correct. She now 'thinks' she has a boy - even though the original ultrasound said a girl. Shoot, who knows, maybe there is one of each. :)

Son Isaac now has two residents living with him - along with the other staff member - at their transitional living home. They've also been having good turnouts at their twice-a-week community meals (or so I hear).

I've been wondering what to call the daughter and her husband and their daughter once their daughter is born. For those of you who know, I refer to daughter and husband in the singular (Drew Carrie), but I'm not sure that will suffice once the tummy baby is no longer in the tummy. I guess I may have to call them by their individual names.

I really am just a blank slate today. There is nothing on my mind, nothing on my slate, nothing even remotely sounds appealing. I suppose that means I will likely clean the house and head to town to see if God has anything for me to see. I kind of like these days. Sometimes.

We have finally started using our own grocery bags at Walmart and Meijers (when we remember them). Man, it saves so much on the nasty plastic bags. You can put so much more in the cloth bags, therefore it's easier to transport, and it's gooder for the environment too. If you need some, I think I know of a certain business that is currently giving them away. Let me know.

I wish I had something of a little more value to say right now, but... I just don't. So have a nice day.

Peace out; and in.


Jim said...

"I guess I may have to call them by their individual names."

Esp. since "Whose Line is it Anyway?" would be a bit too long. :o)

dan horwedel said...

It was a nice show though. :)