Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dear billionaires, (the giving pledge)

I read this article, Zuckerberg Vows To Give Away Half of His Wealth, and it tells about a group of people who have made "The Giving Pledge." Apparently Warren Buffet and Bill Gates started this philanthropic campaign in June of this year where they are asking other super-wealthy people to pledge to give away at least half their fortunes during their lifetime or after their death, and to publicly state their intention with a letter explaining their decision. So far a total of 57 billionaires have joined. There is a web site, The Giving Pledge, where you can view the pledges so far; and there's also a wikipedia entry which explains it much better than I can.

So... if any of these billionaires would happen across my blog, I have an idea for you. My son is helping to start this transitional living home for men in Anderson, Indiana. It's called The Exodus House, and is simply a dream by a couple young guys who just want to help others (you can get the details by clicking on The Exodus House link, or going to They really don't even need all that much. A couple hundred thousand dollars would go a long way, for a long time, and would help a lot of people; and it would be very greatly appreciated. And it's certainly not for these two guys, because they themselves have taken a vow of poverty in order to help others. So you wouldn't be helping them, but a boatload of others less fortunate. Hey, I'm just asking...

Otherwise, I think this is a noble idea. Sure, most of these billionaires will never miss the money they give away, but I applaud Warren and Bill for their efforts because I think sometimes these people need reminded that they are, in fact, people. Sometimes all it takes is just someone to say, "You know, we've been blessed beyond our means; maybe we should start to give back."

Anyway... what do I know about any of this stuff. I spent the other night listening to a guy who's daughter had a college internship that paid her more than my wife and I make together - and this is the most money we've ever made in our lives. And it's nothing compared to what some of these people get just in their annual bonus.

Not that money is everything, but it seems the rich are getting richer, and the poor, poorer; and the middle class is quickly disappearing. Something's gotta give. Or should I say, "someone." What, are we supposed to expect politicians to fix things? Ha!

Peace out, folks; and in.

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