Friday, December 10, 2010

Plastic on the church windows and adoption application

Yesterday I put plastic on the three big windows in the sanctuary at church. They are old, old, old stained glass windows; and I swear the wind blows through them so bad that it almost blows out the candles placed in their sills sometimes. They let in an incredible amount of cold air, and I'm sure let out an equal amount of hot air - not that the air ever gets too hot in the ol' sanctuary.

Anyway, I buy those indoor plastic kits for a sliding glass door and it just fits on the double window on the south side. It is so much nicer now that they come with one side already taped too. The first couple times I covered the windows you just had to free hand it on all four sides. That was not much fun. This is not a lot of fun either. It took me just over 3 hours to do those windows. And I do not care to work on a ladder - especially not 15-18 feet in the air. Ugh. Plus my arms and shoulders are a little sore.

The first window is always the worst. I don't know why I didn't start on the one by the drum set, but I started with the one on the northwest - right beside the projector screen. Of course it was actually an 'outdoor' plastic, and the outdoor apparently comes with a piece of white tape across the top instead of clear like the indoor ones. So there is white tape all up the left side of the window - the side right next to the projector screen. I didn't even notice that one was outdoor and the other two indoor (or that one was white and the other two clear). Oh well, I'm not re-doing it because of that. Although I did also poke two holes in that first one. In the bottom left corner the plastic got stuck to the tape and I was trying to pull it out and it ripped a little tear; and also right up along the top... I was trimming the excess with scissors and I dipped down a little too low. I just taped over the holes with packing tape and it seems to be holding. I'm always worried that the tape isn't going to hold around the edges of these things too, because it is incredible the amount of air they hold back once you seal down the last piece. I'll be surprised if the big window holds. Either that, or I could see it just knocking the entire window out of the wall because they're so used to air just going right through them. That wouldn't surprise me at all either.

They do actually look pretty nice with the plastic stretched tight over them though, and after using the hair dryer to make them smooth and somewhat glassy looking. And I swear it feels warmer from the minute they are put up. So... I'm glad that job is done. I always hate doing it - mostly because I hate working on ladders - but also because it is a real pain in the butt. I think one year I just left the plastic on all year long. I might consider doing that again.

The other big news from yesterday was that Jane and I filled out an application to adopt. A cat. We went to PetSmart, where they have some cats up for adoption by the spca. We had actually looked the previous night, and there was a female orange tiger cat about a year old, and an eight month old black and white female. We were all set to go back last night and get the black and white (Oreo), but then kind of liked the tiger too. We got to get them both out of the cage, and Oreo just curled up in your arms and started purring. Mia (the tiger) wasn't quite so friendly, but I still liked her. I think either would be fine, so we filled out the paperwork to see if we are fit parents for Oreo. I guess they fax it to the spca, then we have to call them within twenty four hours, then they will let us know within a couple days if we qualify or not.

So... I don't know if I'm up for being a pet owner again or not. Cats are definitely easier than dogs, I think. We always had cats growing up, and we almost always had cats after we were married, until we moved to Ohio. We had some cats in the garage for awhile here in Indiana, but that didn't last too long because they were always getting up in the car and things. This one will be a house cat. It will be nice having someone else around the house when I am home at lunch, or on my day off, and at night. That's the nice thing about cats is that they come around now and then, but they don't need as constant attention as a dog. Some people like dogs for that reason, and that's okay, but I guess I'm a little too self-absorbed for that. I like the independence that cats have. Just so long as they don't pee all over. At least this cat is already spayed and litter-box trained. Hopefully it will get along with the grand-puppy too. So, we will see what happens. I need to call the spca here shortly.

Otherwise it looks like a puke, rotten day outside. Apparently it snowed during the night, and is a bit foggy now. Supposed to have rain, then freezing rain, then snow tomorrow. Oh joy.

Peace out; and in.

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patti said...

I am so excited to hear your news! Keep us posted about Oreo.