Friday, December 31, 2010

It's the end of the year as we know it

I always think I'm going to write one of those nice "end-of-the-year" posts like everyone else, but... I'm not. So here are some randomlies as I try to piece my brain back together after a late night:
  • M'lovely lady and I drove over to Wapakoneta, Ohio last night to take in a Jason & the Scorchers show at Route 33 Rhythm & Brews. I will likely write a separate review of the show (and venue), but it was an absolutely wonderful time. I felt bad that Jane had to work this morning, since we didn't get home until 2 am; but I appreciate a wife who will make those little sacrifices. We got to eat supper with Jason and this was a unique show as far as JATS shows go (we sat down for the whole show - from 9 pm to 12:30 am). Again, more about that later.
  • We have created a joint gmail account and may be switching over our Juno account to that one. Still having problems with Juno. Argh. I hate tech problems.
  • Listening is not the same as just not talking. It's much harder. You have to pay attention. I don't think some people understand the difference. I was going to write a whole post on this the other day, but now I've forgotten what all else I was going to say.
  • It was 49F when we came home last night. Today it's supposed to get up into the mid-50's. I hope we don't get anymore snow the rest of the year (or the rest of the winter either).
  • I need to figure out a new Monday routine. What I'm doing is just not working. Monday is the worst day for me. I need to "work", but I need to find something out of the office to do. And it's not good for me to be around people on Mondays. Though some weeks are definitely worse than others.
  • We went to Naked Tchopsticks this past week with a group of non-church friends. We were talking about going there one night and the manager of the place just happened to be sitting there (unbeknownst to us), so he called and made us a reservation. I thought it was good, but Jane ended up puking in the restroom. So we will probably not be going back. Something about Asian food just does not agree with her. It was still nice to be invited out somewhere. And I tried saki for the first time. Eh... whatever.
  • Jane took the Christmas decorations down Wednesday night while we were watching both an Illinois football game AND an Illinois basketball game. And they both won!!! The cat had never bothered the tree (other than playing with some ornaments), but after she took all the ornaments off, the crazy thing climbed right up the middle of it.
  • I would like to call our Thursday morning breakfasts a "Spiritual Formation Triad." That's what Dave Fitch calls their group, and I like it. I think I need something that gives a little more direction to it (spiritual formation), so I don't delve into complaining/woe-is-me stuff. But, you know, I'm ok with just keeping it within my own brain.
  • I have 3 spiritual formation workbooks, and I'm trying to decide which one to do first. I would like to take a group through one, but I'll probably just do it myself.
  • Earlier this week I was faced with the question of just what it is that I'm supposed to do as the pastor of a church. Some people think that means I am to "take care of their spiritual needs." Um... I kinda think that is Jesus' job. And my job is maybe to help them see that. It's not to do things 'for' people, but to help people come to that place where they are growing on their own (or with Jesus); and to maybe oversee the group. I don't know.
  • It seemed like there was a bunch of stuff I was thinking about yesterday, and now I can't remember it. Oh well. I guess this is the end of the year. Whoop-de-doo, huh. Really, it is somewhat significant, but... you know. I think I need to make some more coffee. Squirrel!
Peace out, my friends; and in.

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