Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Preaching article from willard

A nice article on preaching from Dallas Willard, 'A Cup Running Over' (

It's about learning to preach from the overflow of our deeply satisfying relationship with the Savior. I could use that right now.

A couple of points from the article:
One of the great joys came when I got up from a chair to walk to the podium and the Lord said to me, "Now remember, it's what I do with the Word between your lips and their hearts that matters." That is a tremendous lesson. If you do not trust God to do that, then he will let you do what you're going to do, and it's not going to come to much. But once you turn it loose and recognize we are always inadequate but our inadequacy is not the issue, you are able to lay that burden down. Then the satisfaction you have in Christ spills over into everything you do.

He also quotes Henri Nouwen, who said, 'the main obstacle to love for God is service for God. Service must come out of his strength and life flowing through us into receptive lives.'

He recommends taking time every week where we do nothing but "enjoy God." To be honest, that will be my first challenge - finding out what that is; and then doing it.

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