Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Juno email fail

Jane and I still use our original email address for our combined emails. We started using the free Juno email when we lived in Findlay, probably around 1998 or 99, and we've had horwedelATjunoDOTcom the whole time (we each have separate personal accounts). However, yesterday we lost all of our old emails - at least back through 2006. This is the second or third time it's crashed on us, and it's not just a little bit sad. All the correspondence with family and friends, important information and passwords, notes to and from the kids as they were starting and ending college, milestone events... It's all just gone. I guess those things happen.

Granted, we use an old version of Juno (5.0) that stores on our hard-drive rather than online. I just really like how it looks and feels so much better than my other online email accounts. But we may need to make some changes if we want to keep things forever, because it's just not reliable.

It first started messing up a week or so ago. When I started it one day it said there was an error and it combined all our folders into one. So all the sent emails and probably ten different folders were all combined... and there were like 6,000 emails in the one folder. At first I started putting them back into folders, but every time I started it it would come up with the same error and consolidate them again. So I started deleting. Hundreds of old emails from the Jason & the Scorchers fan list, the cggc blog, and others here and there. I think I had it whittled down to about 2400 yesterday, and when I tried to log out it just froze. Then it wouldn't open again. So I contacted Juno customer support, and they were rather quick in responding (fortunately Juno does have an online version, but I prefer the one on my computer). I backed up and saved all our settings, address book, and supposedly all the old emails. Then I uninstalled Juno, and installed it again, and then restored the backed up files. The settings and address book were returned, but none of the emails. I suppose there were some corrupted files or something. So, I was kind of bummed. It's like a huge portion of our life was just taken away. And at such an opportune time.

I think what we will do is just keep the same old address, but maybe create a new gmail account and forward stuff we want to keep to that account. Or something. I don't know. Whatever.

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