Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

Another Christmas has come and gone. We stayed home this year, and the kids were able to be here as well. Isaac came home early afternoon on Friday (Christmas Eve). Jane had to work in the morning, and in the afternoon she cooked and we got stuff ready for the Christmas Eve service at church. Carrie had to work until 4, then she came over. Drew arrived as church started at 7 pm. After church we gathered at our house and opened presents - other than their stockings. I got a couple shirts, socks, and 2 cans of cashews.

The Christmas Eve service was... interesting. There was a good crowd. We only had 5 programs left, and almost ran out of communion elements. I think I planned for 90. There are a couple of families who bring a lot of people who aren't really a part of our church. The problem was... I just had Jane and I do pretty much everything, and it turned out to be too much on us, and too little for everyone else. I lost energy early on, and it pretty much went down hill from there. I will write more about this later.

On Christmas day we slept until almost 8 am. Isaac slept on the couch. The cat pretty much stayed under our bed both days. Jane made a breakfast casserole and we kind of just hung out. I went over to the church and worked for awhile - switching stuff from the Christmas Eve service to the Sunday service. Then Jane, Isaac and I went to a movie around lunch time. We saw True Grit. On our way home we saw Drew & Carrie and they brought Lady over, then they went to Drew's family's for awhile. Lady pretty much just slept while we watched "Up," then Drew Carrie came over around 7 and we watched the Cowboys game and gave the kids all their Christmas stocking stuff. After Drew, Carrie and Lady left Kitty finally came out of hiding. She played around for awhile. I saw her again this morning, but we haven't been able to find her since then.

This morning we didn't have Sunday School, but just the worship gathering at 10 am. I didn't preach, but we put a choir together (under Jane's direction), and we did one of those "simple musical" things. That lasted about 20 minutes, then we just sang some Christmas carols. I thought the choir did good (and Drew did good with the solo), but this service wasn't much better than Christmas Eve. Like I said, I will be writing more about this later in the week. We all went to Applebees for lunch afterward (we got done about 10:55), then Carrie had to go to work, and Isaac left shortly after. This afternoon Jane had to take food to the women's shelter (another one of those things...). While she was there I worked in the office.

All in all it was a nice Christmas as far as the kids being able to be home. I was glad my sister and her boys were able to make it to my parents house and spend Christmas with them. Otherwise... eh... I'm feeling pretty down about things right now.

I've been trying to upload some pics to Facebook and it won't work for some reason. About par for the course today. Here are a few:

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