Monday, January 03, 2011

Books of 2010

These are the books I read last year. I can't really say which are my favorites. I liked them all in some way, shape or form. The one's I don't like, I don't finish (and don't list). Kinda funny how it seems some of them were so long ago. This is the order I read them in:
  • The Only Necessary Thing (writings of Henri Nouwen), compiled by Wendy Wilson Greer
  • Practicing Greatness: 7 Disciplines of Extraordinary Spiritual Leaders, by Reggie McNeal
  • Living Faith: A Guide to the Christian Life, by John Schwarz
  • Introverts In the Church, by Adam McHugh
  • Strengths Based Leadership, by Tom Rath and Barry Conchie
  • The Forgotten Ways, by Alan Hirsch
  • Jesus Manifesto, by Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola
  • Search & Rescue: Becoming A Disciple Who Makes A Difference, by Neil Cole
  • Introducing the Missional Church, by Alan Roxburgh and M. Scott Boren
  • Organic Leadership, by Neil Cole
  • Peril & Peace: Volume I: Chronicles of the Ancient Church, by Brandon and Mindy Withrow (actually, just finished today)

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