Monday, January 03, 2011


Today I started out by finishing up the book Peril & Peace: Volume I: Chronicles of the Ancient Church, by Brandon and Mindy Withrow. I read about Benedict and why he decided to live in a cave by himself, and later become a teaching monk who built monasteries. Then I did a little reading about the Benedictine Rule and whatnot.

After that I picked up James Bryan Smith's book The Good and Beautiful God and read a bit in that. Jane just finished it, and it's his first in a series of books called "The Apprentice Series," which is a three-book series designed to guide readers in an apprenticeship with Jesus - helping us become more like him. Until this morning I was not aware of the connection between Smith, Richard Foster, Dallas Willard, Rich Mullins and Henri Nouwen. Innaresting stuff. I think I will like this book a lot. In fact, I just ordered the remaining two books in the series, as well as another booklet that goes with it for Lent. Jane and I would really like to find a community of people we could study books like this with together.

So... I was feeling very 'discipline oriented' this morning; and I suppose it was no coincidence that this all comes on the heels of feeling a bit overwhelmed by the house hunt. There are two houses we are currently thinking a great deal about. Both are very different, yet both have things we very much like about them that fit the reason we want to buy a house in the first place. So it's a hard choice. And, as with days like today, there are always those lingering thoughts that maybe the lack of peace is: 1) God's way of saying this isn't his idea; 2) there may yet be the 'right' house out there for us; or 3) it's not supposed to be an easy decision and we just need to proceed on faith.

To top it off, I was reminded today why I do not like to friend request people on Facebook. Rarely have I ever been the one to initiate it, but for some odd reason I sent 3 friend requests this morning... and two of them denied my request! Ugh. I hate stuff like that. For one thing, it really bums me out when I find out that someone doesn't like me; and then it bums me out even more that I so desire to be liked by people. I don't know which is worse, not having a friend request accepted, or being removed as a friend later. That has happened several times too. Boo-hoo.

That seems to be the kind of day it is. I was planning to visit the alzheimer's ward this afternoon, but I just couldn't bring myself to go. Maybe tomorrow.

Peace out; and in.


Tom said...

You mentioned alzheimers ward and it reminded me of this article I read the other day.

dan horwedel said...

Good article. Thanks!