Sunday, January 09, 2011

A church survey

I put the following survey in our church bulletin today. I hope it might be a springboard for discussion at our congregational meeting this afternoon.

The last thing Jesus was recorded to have said to his followers while on earth was to "go and make disciples." Disciples are those who follow Jesus; or, as some interpret it, people who learn to live life to the full (the way God meant for us to live it, apart from sin). We believe the main role of the church is to help us carry this 'commission' out. So, with that in mind, here are three simple questions we would like you to consider. Feel free to keep this to yourself, share it with a small group of friends, put it in the offering plate or the box outside the pastors office, or, if appropriate, share it with the church at large.


1. Am I satisfied with my life as it currently is? __________________________

2. In what area(s) would I like to grow? _______________________________

3. How might the church help me grow in this area/areas? __________________

Name (optional) ______________________________

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