Friday, January 28, 2011


I had a nice day off. Got up at a leisurely 7:30 am, cleaned the house, then went to Drew Carrie's and held my granddaughter for awhile. How is it that she can get cuter every time I see her. I took their car in to get the oil changed, then I went to get a haircut.

I went to my usual hair-cutting place, and they were even having a special today of $5.99! Cool. However, I had a GUY cut my hair today. The last couple times I've been there I've noticed a guy - though this one was different - and while sitting there waiting my turn I kinda hoped I wouldn't get him. But sure enough... yep. Oh well. He was nice, and he did a pretty good job. He was son Isaac's age, and we actually had a pretty good chat. I'm pretty sure he said his name was Jason (used to live in Huntington), but he said it so quickly that I could be mistaken. I also thought it was interesting that, even though he talked up a storm, I think he was the first person to cut my hair there who hasn't asked me what I did for a job. At any rate, I got my $5.99 haircut and gave him a $2 tip, and now I'm trying to type this while the cat keeps jumping on the keyboard. Another hour or so and my lovely bride should be home so we can go on our date tonight.

Peace out; and in.

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