Friday, January 28, 2011

MLI logistics (retreat 4)

Some things I want to remind myself of about the Missional Leadership Initiative retreats being held at the lovely Salt Fork State Park Lodge and Conference Center...
  • This fourth retreat was the first time we drove out on Monday morning instead of Sunday night. Personally, I would just as soon go on Monday. It's not that bad of a drive (4+ hours), and I wasn't near as tired Monday afternoon as I thought I might be. Plus it helps that the schedule usually allows for a long break (4-6:30) Monday afternoon, which is plenty of time for a nice nap. I would much rather spend an extra night at home - that makes me more rested than arriving a day early (though if I had to travel much further I would probably want to come on Sunday).
  • We left home at probably 7:15 am (or so) on Monday, and arrived at the lodge about 11:45. So that's 4 1/2 hours if I did the math right. We stopped once along the way and got some putrid coffee at a Burger King, and then we stopped and got gas as we got off I-77 at Rt. 22. It was also a bit snowy, and Steve probably doesn't drive as fast as I do.
  • Coming home... we left Wednesday at about 11:50 am. We didn't stop at all on the way home and got to my house about 3:50 - right about exactly 4 hours.
  • It was about an hour and fifteen minutes from Salt Fork to Columbus; and just a hair under 3 hours from Columbus home.
  • It definitely helped having the humidifier in our room during the winter. Not only did it mask my snoring, but I didn't have any static cling problems, and my nose/head felt pretty good.
  • Tom usually sleeps by the sliding door, and I usually sleep by the bathroom wall.
  • Tom prefers to keep the fan running constantly on the heater/air conditioner (due to noise).
  • I do not need my brief case; and probably don't need to bring a book along to read. I never read it. I also don't need to bring quarters for the games, because they only take tokens. Six bottles of water is plenty.
That's about all I can remember at the moment. I kinda like staying at the lodge for these retreats - even though we are always there during the "off" season, so there's not much else to do there, and there aren't usually very many other people there. The restaurant and lounge weren't open when we were there this last time. But the rooms are nice, and it's kind of a neat, tucked away place. We didn't see as many deer as usual this last time, but I also didn't go outside too much.


Tom said...

I would just like to point out that we have now stopped at 2 different Burger Kings on these trips and had bad experiences both times. I believe the time has come to avoid them at all cost.

dan horwedel said...

Ha! I hadn't even thought of that. Definitely need to avoid them.

Carrie Jade said...

And dad, remember the time we stopped at BK on the way to Illinois at like 4 in the afternoon and they didn't have any decaf coffee? I think you should stay away form BKs. McDonald's coffee is a whole lot better (usually).

dan horwedel said...

I love McDonald's coffee (usually). I think a BK boycott is in order.