Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Son Isaac got home from Colorado Monday afternoon. He didn't do any skiing, but did get to have supper with his cousin Matt while he was there; and also saw John Elway in a restaurant one night.

We bought ourselves a Nook Monday night. I haven't used it much yet (I think this will mainly be Jane's toy), but it appears the web browser works pretty good. I can read my blog, check email and facebook anyway, so what more would one want? It will also be nice to be able to download books from the library for free.

It snowed all day yesterday. Argh. I hate snow. Or, at least, I hate having to drive in snow, or that my loved ones have to drive in snow. I really don't mind the cold all that much. Within reason. You know, something like the 40's and 50's in winter, and the 80's in summer. That would be ok.

I think I saw a thing from the airport where you can get direct flights from FW to Myrtle Beach for like $100 or something. And I'm wondering why I have not checked that out...

I made biscuits and gravy for breakfast the past 2 mornings. Well, the biscuits were already made, but I poured the gravy out of a can and heated it up in the microwave. Yum. It is terrible for me - I can feel my arteries clogging while eating it - but it tastes oh so good.

I visited with someone with dementia the other day. It was actually the best visit we've ever had. They knew who I was and all, but they were living in a completely different time and place. It was weird how calm, reasonable and coherent they seemed - even though they were obviously completely out of their mind. I found it all very odd.

I knew this was going to happen. I'd had so many good days in a row.

I actually like being woke up by the neighbor's snowblower... when he's in my driveway clearing the snow. Though the cat did not like it at all.

Hmm... I should probably just stop.

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