Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sharing the warmth pictures

Here are a couple pictures from our 'Sharing the Warmth' day this past Saturday. We had 7 people who went to Fort Wayne and delivered winter items to the homeless. They loaded up 2 vehicles (and there was space for exactly 7 people to fit) and drove around downtown looking for people who needed stuff. There are several regular stops where they know they can find people, otherwise it's just driving around looking.

This was probably the most stuff we've ever collected for one of these trips. In fact, we had so much that they couldn't get rid of it all. So they will go again in a couple weeks.

They also take along coffee, hot chocolate, water, and donuts to give out. And this time someone donated some money, so they bought some meals and paid a guys rent for him.

All in all it's a very unorganized, but also very cool, ministry. Kudos to Scott, Katie, Robin, Kevin, Jeanne, Jim, Les and Mary; and to everyone at the church (and even people not a part of our church) who donated items.