Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday is tueday

Random stuff on a sleepy-eyed Tuesday (at least I think it's Tuesday):
  • My parents were here this past weekend. They came out Saturday early afternoon and left Monday morning. They got to see lots of their new great-granddaughter. I am starting to get over the stress of having my dad around.
  • Jane got in a little fender-bender yesterday morning. She was heading to work and getting off I-69 and onto Jefferson. I hate that intersection, because it happens all the time, but some lady in front of her started to go and then stopped at the last minute just as Jane was turning her head to see if she could go. It didn't do any damage to our car, but the lady thought it scratched some paint off her bumper, so she called the police. They wouldn't write up a report because they didn't see any damage, so... we will see what happens. Not a nice way to start off your Monday in any event.
  • We had movie popcorn for our Valentines supper last night. We saw 'The King's Speech.' It was quite good. I thought there would be more people at the movies since it was Valentines Day, but there was hardly anyone there.
  • We are having quite the dilemma over which house to pursue right now. One that we've looked at several times, and has twice been "sold" only to have the offers fall through, is back on the market. And strangely enough, there is a house just around the corner from it that we really like too. We just cannot decide which one we like better. One is a much better house (structurally, and has nicer/newer windows and appliances, etc.), but the other is in a better location and seems more "like us." The first one has a huge, and nice, basement; the second one is all one floor on a slab. I wish we could make a decision, dangit. Every time I think we should make an offer on the one, then I change my mind. Argh.
  • Son Isaac leaves today for Spain. He flies from Indy to New York, then New York to Madrid, then has to take a 2-hour bus ride once he gets there. He also has a 6-hour layover in New York, both coming and returning. I think the plane ride to Spain is 7 1/2 hours. I hope all goes well and that he finds plenty of English speaking people if he needs help. He will return next Tuesday.
  • We were out of bagels this morning. I don't remember the last time I just had toast for breakfast.
  • It seems like there was a bunch of other stuff that happened this weekend, but I'm still kind of brain-dead. Just can't think of anything.
Peace out; and in.

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