Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Winter luau

At our church's 'Third Sunday Supper' this month we had a "Winter Luau." February is a long month for having so few days in it, and to help us take our mind off the long winter we thought it would be a good idea to pretend we were in Hawaii. So we asked people to dress in some sort of "Hawaiian" outfit, and bring a luau-type dish to share. The church supplied the pulled pork.

It actually turned out pretty good, because it was a puke-rotten rainy day, so we needed a good diversion. Fortunately Greg's wife is a travel agent, so she let us use some decorations and whatnot from Hawaii. We had travel brochures scattered about, lei's for most everyone, some pictures, wall-hangings, and a couple of fake palm trees even. We had plenty of pork - some barbecue and some plain - and people brought everything from Hawaiian chili, Hawaiian pizza, Hawaiian sweet potatoes, Hawaiian punch (Jane's concoction), to all kinds of different dessert and fruit items. Pineapple was a popular choice.

I never did hear how many were there, but I would guess between 40-50. The kids had a hula hoop and limbo contest, and they had fun doing that. I was thinking the adults might also get involved, but not too many seemed interested. Someone brought some mind games for the older folk, and most people were content to just visit or watch the kids. I think most everybody had a good time. I was somewhat surprised at how many people dressed up even. I don't really have any Hawaiian shirts, so I wore sandals, white pants, a yellowish skater shirt, and my summer hat.

Several people already started talking about next month's TSS (Third Sunday Supper) - a March Madness Tailgate Party.

Here are a few pics from the Luau (there are more on the church FB page):

There is always plenty of good food.

The older girls showing how it's done (Jane in purple).

A good time had by all.

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