Thursday, February 24, 2011

House comparison

Here is a listing of the positives and negatives for the three houses we are trying to decide between buying. They are listed according to when we looked at them. Just can't seem to decide any one of them over the other. House A is closer to downtown, the other two are just around the corner from one another on the south side of town (in an older subdivision). They're all within probably $8,000 of one another. We need to decide soon, before they're all bought. My hope is that writing this out might help us make a decision. Any insights or input is welcome. Especially from you, Lord.

HOUSE "A" (built in 1925)

  • Walking distance to Drew, Carrie and Anna's house
  • Close to Foster Park
  • Historic neighborhood with more stable property values
  • Lots of character (wood floors downstairs; oak woodwork)
  • Front porch with a swing (with a view of a main street)
  • Nice covered deck in back (with a view of a main street)
  • Good storage in basement (can also put treadmill there)
  • Low taxes ($500)
  • The former Taylor FW campus is in the backyard
  • Fenced in back yard
  • Separate dining room
  • Smallest house by far (1300 sq. ft).
  • Shared driveway with neighbor
  • Unattached garage
  • Only 1 bathroom ***
  • Laundry in basement
  • Small, and few, closets
  • Teeny kitchen (no room for table)
  • Needs a refrigerator
  • Most expensive of the three initially
  • Furthest away from the church

HOUSE "B" (built in 1960)

  • Nicest house of the three (most conveniences)
  • Lots of room (1300 upstairs; 1100 downstairs)
  • Awesome completely finished basement with 2 large rooms plus the laundry/storage room
  • Well maintained and very structurally sound
  • Nice large attached garage
  • Nice back patio (but no roof)
  • Swingset and built in gas grill
  • 2 full bathrooms (one off master bedroom)
  • Neighborhood seems more "like us"
  • Neighbors - proximity and potential problems
  • No front porch
  • Laundry in basement
  • Small bedrooms
  • Needs new carpet upstairs
  • Higher taxes ($1000)

HOUSE "C" (built in 1961)

  • All one level (on a slab)
  • Nice location (cul-de-sac)
  • Gas fireplace
  • Front porch
  • Attached garage
  • 2 full bathrooms (one off master bedroom - though it's all pink)
  • Low taxes ($500)
  • Bigger bedrooms
  • Lots of, and bigger, closets
  • Large laundry room
  • Least expensive of the 3 to purchase
  • Between the other two size-wise (1700 sq. ft)
  • This house needs the most updating (it's only had one occupant)
  • No air conditioning (it has a whole-house fan and 2 window units)
  • Lack of extra storage space
  • Older windows
  • Older appliances (garbage disposal doesn't work; dishwasher needs replaced; fridge might need replaced)

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dan horwedel said...

Thanks for all the emails, folks. Some great input and advice from some really good people. Seriously - thanks! I think it helped us come to a conclusion last night. Not that anything is near being done yet, but we've at least decided to pursue one direction. I'll keep you posted.