Wednesday, April 06, 2011

It's also the name of a river (random)

While trying not to think about some things I should be thinking about...
  • My day started out by reading this quote from Mikey's Funnies: "A lot of pessimists get that way from financing optimists." Yeah. I'm kind of feeling that way. Maybe not even in a financial sense.
  • Some people close to us have decided to call it quits as missionaries. I'm thinking a lot of people will be happy, because they never thought they should have been there in the first place. I find it terribly sad. Not that I don't understand why they quit, but it's sad that they were getting so little emotional support or encouragement of any kind. Had they been there as part of the military they would have been honored, encouraged, and praised repeatedly. Instead everyone just kept saying how stupid they thought they were. If they were military personnel they would now be dishonorably discharged though. Sorry, but that's messed up. People shouldn't be happy when missionaries leave the mission field. And they should be happy when they go there. How can you think it's stupid that Christians should want Muslims to know Jesus!? Btw, this has nothing to do with the previous point.
  • I'm not feeling so well. I think it may have to do with the season's changing. Or else it's just stress. At any rate, I am way tired.
  • It's entirely possible I might stop blogging at any time. Just giving you a heads up. It just doesn't seem to matter anymore. And I'm tired of pissing people off and/or having to worry about every little thing I say.
  • One of my favorite verses in the Bible is the last verse in the book of Habakkuk: "To the music director: Use stringed instruments." Absolutely.


Jim said...

I, for one, would be sad if you stopped blogging.

Or maybe, to be more effective I should say, "I'll be pissed off if you STOP blogging!" There, now you get to choose between two different groups of people to anger. I think life is always better with alternatives to choose from, don't you? :)

dan horwedel said...

Sometimes life is hard, Jim. :)