Tuesday, April 05, 2011


Yesterday I tried to eliminate as many squeaks as I could in the living room floor. I had some short screws and tried to place them where the squeaks were occurring. I got rid of quite a bit of it, but I'm thinking it's impossible to fix entirely. At any rate, it sounds a lot better than it did.

I also bought the laminate for the living room floor. We went with Swiftlock laminate from Lowe's, and got the "Chelsea Oak" style. I got 19 boxes of it, which should cover just over 400 square feet. That should actually be one box too many, which I'm hoping to return if we don't use. I also purchased 4 bags of underlayment pad, a piece to do the doorways, and a tapping block. Tom said I could borrow his hammer and pull bar. I suppose I should get some spacers. I spaced out about that.

Of course I had to make two trips to get the supplies. This was after going to the Illinois Road Lowe's on Sunday and finding that they didn't have enough of the kind we wanted. So I drove the truck over to the Lowe's on Coliseum, and they had plenty of the Chelsea Oak. But I was afraid to put too much weight in the truck, so I just got 15 boxes at first. And, of course it was raining, and I forgot to bring the tarp... so I paid another $5 for a tarp. So I took the 15 boxes to the house and unloaded them. It was quite a load for the old truck. Then I went back and got 4 more boxes, and the rest of the stuff. Now we're supposed to let it acclimate for 48 hours.

I think I'm just about fried though. Today I am to start back to work, and I feel like a zombie. Not good.

Peace out; and in.


Tom said...

I have spacers too.

Jim said...

I've always said it isn't a REAL project unless you've made THREE trips to Lowes (or Home Depot, Menards or wherever).