Monday, April 04, 2011

A sunday off

I got a chance to worship with some other folks yesterday. I was on vacation, so Jane and I went down to son Isaac's church. I love the Mercy House. I would characterize it as sort of a 'twenty-something missional community.' Probably because that is largely what it is. They meet in an old school that they bought. It's a little bit run-down, and they just sit on metal chairs with some bleachers in the back. The words for the singing are displayed on a white sheet that hangs down behind the band. And the music (and preaching) is top-notch. I think they have a different band every week. Isaac is in two bands. He plays guitar in one band, and yesterday he was supposed to play drums. But apparently the bass player wasn't there, so he played both drums and bass on the first song (playing the bass guitar with his hands and the bass drum with his foot), then he just played bass guitar for the rest. The female singer played acoustic guitar, there was another girl singer, a guy playing banjo, and a violin player. I really, really liked their sound. All the songs were pretty mellow, and they were easy to sing softly. It seems so much church music only sounds right when it's belted out - which keeps a lot of people from singing, I think. Anyway... they did music for a good half hour or so, then someone read Scripture, then a Lenten reading, then Matt gave a really good sermon (it was powerful for me anyway). He probably preached for an hour or so, but it didn't seem that long. Afterward they were having a silent auction and a meal, but we didn't stick around for that.

We met Isaac and Ricci at Ruby Tuesday's for lunch (Isaac had to drop a guy off at work). I got the turkey burger. After lunch we went back and checked out the renovations at the Exodus House. Then we traded Isaac the Buick for the truck. I wasn't sure if Jane and I would make it home in the ol' '92 Ford Ranger, but we did. We took back roads, because I wasn't all that confident I could keep it at 70 mph on the interstate for an extended period of time. At least now we can move some stuff in the truck - though not anything too heavy because the springs won't hold much.

After we got back home we talked to Kitty for awhile and then headed to Lowe's to look at wood laminate flooring. Then we went to the new house and Jane started painting. Drew Carrie and Anna came over - Drew rode his bike over and Carrie & Anna came in the car. They helped Jane paint and I either held Anna or put stuff back together in the kitchen and hallway.

Today is my last day of vacation. Ugh. I was at least glad that there seemed to be a good number of people at our worship gathering yesterday. When I first came here I remember being somewhat frustrated because every time I was going to be gone, the other leaders wouldn't show up either. There were just so few people that could be depended on for leadership. Fortunately we have a number of people now who realize that everything doesn't revolve around the pastor.

I suppose I should do something now...

Peace out; and in.

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