Friday, April 22, 2011

Mowing (first of the year)

I mowed yesterday, for the first time this year. It actually needed it, but I hadn't been able to get to it because it's been so wet. The first time I mowed last year was April 12. The first time the year before that was April 23.

I went north and south, and I believe I did it in record time: 1 hour 40 minutes. I need to go back through my archives and check, but that has to have shattered the old record. I know I usually do it faster early in the season and then again late in the season. The grass isn't so tough, and it helps when the ground is a little wet because it's not so rough and I can just put 'er in high gear and GO.

It also helped that I am mowing a little different area this year. I used to mow everything that we mowed. There was a patch in the back that we didn't mow, because we didn't use it for anything. Then the neighbor guy started mowing it on his own. Pretty soon we felt bad, so we started paying him a little something to do it. Well, anyway, I switched part of what I mow with what he mows this year. So he is basically mowing around the church, and I am mowing everything else. I think I have more to mow now, but I don't have to mow around as many things. So it should take me a little less time. However, I need to talk to him, because if it's taking him way more time then we may need to make some adjustments. I don't want him having to mow more. But we will see.

At any rate, it went well. Other than I had to jump start the mower with the truck. I had just started it up a month or so ago and it started fine. I dunno.

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Dylan Morrison Author said...

Over here in Lincoln England a thunderstorm is pouring down on my poor thirsty lawn! I guess that means I'll have to mow it again soon!