Thursday, April 21, 2011

Our toaster is broken

I just don't really have anything to say. At all. But our toaster really is broken. It still toasts, you just have to hold the lever down until it's done. That's kind of a pain. But that's how it goes. We could probably get a new one, but... you know... how hard is it to hold the lever down, really.

Yesterday I cut the hole in the basement door for the cat. I wish I had just cut a round hole instead of inserting one of those cat doors. It was a nice wooden door. We didn't really have any other choice. Other than to get rid of the cat. Which doesn't seem like such a bad idea after she knocked the big potted plant over in the living room this morning. I don't think she likes us being in this flux position between houses. Nor does she like us being gone all the time. Can't blame her, I suppose.

Some guys came and fixed the chimney at the new house yesterday too. This was part of the sale agreement. It had already been planned. They took it down several rows of bricks because the bricks were eroding. They also insulated the liner and re-did the vent for the water heater. That's all the chimney is for anyway (the water heater).

We are still trying to decide between Comcast and Frontier Fios. Comcast has a deal for like $30/mo. for 6 months or a year, then the price is going to double. Or, we can get 25/25 from Frontier for like $45/mo. on a 2-year agreement. Or... should we wait for 4G internet? I don't even know what 4G internet is, but it sounds nice. Internet is way too expensive nowadays. But we want fast enough speed to get netflix, because we're not paying for cable or dish anymore. We should probably just throw the tv away and go with the cheap internet. I dunno.

It's Maundy Thursday. I'm actually still not exactly sure what we're doing tonight. I think we're going to take communion around the baptistry though. I need to get a bottle of sparkling grape juice yet.

I would give you a toast but... I just ate it. Now I need to get ready so I can meet Tom for bagels.

Peace out; and in.


Tom said...

Broken toaster? Now you can turn it into an instrument!

dan horwedel said...

Boy am I glad I spent 3:46 listening to that. thanks!