Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mowing (home and home)

I mowed yesterday... for the first time at the new house and for the second time at the old house (the church).

I fired up the old push mower last week just to see if it would start. It's probably as old as Carrie. We bought it at Walmart, I believe, when we lived in Buda. We haven't used it regularly for 15 years. Anyway, it started on the third pull that first time. Yesterday it started on the first pull - just like it always used to. Dang that's a good mower. Anyway, it took me 30 minutes to mow the new yard. I'm sure I can probably do it even quicker than that once I figure out all the in's and out's of the yard.

I also bought a weed-eater. Against my better judgment I got a Black & Decker cordless. I'm not so sure about those cordless electric jobs, but it was $20 off at Walmart, so... what the heck. One of these days maybe I'll get around to taking it out of the box.

Then I went out to the old house and mowed that yard. I was surprised how much water was still standing. I had to mow around a couple of spots, and there were a few where I was mowing as much water as grass. I went east/west, and it went fast. I also wore a dust mask when mowing the big yard. I think it actually might have helped with the allergies and all. 1.5.

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