Saturday, April 16, 2011

This is why...

Doing odd jobs around the house really stresses me out. For a lot of things, it's not that I 'can't' do them, it's just that it takes so much dang mental energy for me to figure things out. For instance, yesterday I was going to install transition pieces between the hallway carpet and two bedrooms with wood floors. I went to the Menards just down the street and bought two carpet-to-wood floor transition pieces. However, they were "extra wide" pieces. But that was all they had that somewhat matched the floors. So I went home and cut and measured one of them, and screwed it down in the correct place. It just looked funny though, because it didn't fit in the doorway like the one that was already in the third bedroom doorway. I took the one in the third bedroom off and looked at it, and it was just like the one I'd just bought, but it wasn't "extra wide." So... I had something I needed to return to Lowe's, so I decided maybe I would go return it and see if they had any narrower transition pieces. I drove clear to the other side of town, and sure enough, they did have transition pieces just like the one in the third bedroom - except they were bare wood. So, after standing there thinking about it for an eon, I decided to buy two of the bare oak transition pieces. I could figure out how to stain them later. So I bought them, but at the last minute, since I was already on that side of town, I decided to check the Menards over there. Guess what? The West Menards had the transition pieces I wanted, and they were already stained. So I bought one long piece and headed for home. Once there I cut a piece to fit each doorway and installed them. They both looked really nice. I even figured out how to cut the carpet back just right, and that I needed to cut the pad underneath back even further. But then I was left with three transition pieces left over that I needed to return, and one that I was unable to return because I had already cut it. So I headed back to the Menards by our house and returned that piece, then headed back over to Illinois Road and returned the two pieces at Lowes. And that's all I got accomplished yesterday: two transition pieces installed, and driving all over creation buying and returning things. Ugh. I guess I did also move a truckload of stuff from one house to the other. I'm trying to take a load of stuff each time I go there. Sometimes I forget though.

We also bought two different styles of curtains last night, since we didn't like any of the three we bought the other day. Oddly enough, the ones at Penney's were cheaper than any of the others (they were on sale). Today we'll see how they look.

Peace out; and in.

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