Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cleaning up (nicely)

Saturday morning Jane and I participated in the Great American Cleanup in Fort Wayne (There is a newspaper article here). This is a nationwide thing, and there were oodles of people all around Fort Wayne. We didn't go to the party afterward, but we had fun walking around and picking up trash.

There were six of us in our group. Three people who worked at Jane's bank, and their significant others. There was a little confusion as to where our actual spot was. We were assigned a vacant lot at the corner of South Bend Drive and Jefferson Blvd. The only problem is, there ISN'T a vacant lot there. So we just walked around the triangle of roads there and picked up any trash we saw.

We were supposed to record the most unusual item we found. I suppose it was a single shoe. Mostly we just had cigarette butts and packs, and candy wrappers and such. It would appear that smokers are the biggest litterers judging from our little section.

It only took us about an hour, and we got a free t-shirt and pair of gloves. I like the t-shirt... it's comfy.

I kept thinking that this is the sort of thing our church ought to be doing. Certainly we should participate in these bigger events, but we should probably also organize some groups and just walk the roads around our church building too. But... you know.

Anyway, that's what we did yesterday morning.

Peace out; and in.

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