Monday, May 23, 2011

Parental visit and knockin' the noggin

My parents finally came out to see the new house this past week. They arrived Tuesday evening and left Thursday morning. For whatever reason they just never want to stay at our house very long. I suppose it was just nice of them to come and see the house and spend a little time with their only great-grandchild. I think my mom would come and stay for however long, but dad has too much to worry about.

The visit didn't start off too well. They hadn't even been here five minutes and my dad was asking for a bandaid. After they arrived they came in the house, then dad went out to start unloading the car. He missed a step and apparently fell in the garage. He cut his hand and it was all black and blue. Seems it's always something.

Of course, I had my problems too. My head is actually still sore. I was literally banging it against the wall - though not on purpose. When it's just the two of us I usually use the hallway bathroom and Jane uses the one off our bedroom. While my parents were here we let them use the hallway bathroom and Jane and I shared our bedroom one. The bedroom bathroom is long and narrow, and I guess I'm not used to it yet. After taking a shower one morning I was bending over to dry off and I cracked my head on the corner of the wall. It left a mark and a lump, and dazed me pretty well for a moment. I remember when it happened, I didn't really even know what I'd done, but I remember raising up, looking in the mirror, and sort of wondering what in the world just happened. Then I noticed the wall right there, and started to regain some sense. I guess it's a good thing I didn't knock myself out.

Anyway, about the only thing we did while they were here was to play with Anna and we watched 'Dancing With the Stars' and 'American Idol.' Jane and I don't ever watch those shows, but I think my parent's lives revolve around them. Sadly enough, after they left we ended up watching Idol the next night to see who got booted off. It's so easy to become addicted.

I was also glad that Annabananna was a good girl. Mom and Dad babysat for Carrie for a little bit on Thursday morning while Carrie had a dentist appointment and I met with Tom and Steve. I was worried she would cry, but I don't think she did at all. She was all smiles and giggles. What a nice baby. :)

Welp, I guess that's all. Peace out; and in.

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