Friday, May 06, 2011


We have had the privilege to attend several cultural events in the last week. First, we were invited to attend a wine-tasting dinner/fundraiser for the local NPR station last Friday. I had never been to anything like this before, and it was pretty awesome. We didn't arrive until close to mealtime, but before the meal you could sample wines from maybe 8 different distributors. There were loads to choose from, and I don't know a thing about wine (I have hardly ever drank wine). Then we were served a scrumptious seven-course meal - with a different glass of wine with each course. Fortunately there was a bucket on the table where you could dump out your glass if you didn't like it or weren't able to drink it before the next course. I still don't know that I know much about wine, but I think I learned that I like dryer wines over the more fruity (and maybe white over red), although I did kinda like the Port wine. Nonetheless, aside from the fancy-smancy food and the wine, the best thing about the evening was the company we kept.

The next night we were invited to a jazz dinner put on by a local high school jazz band. It wasn't quite as fancy as the night before, but the music was actually pretty good, and the food wasn't bad. It was held in a neighboring church, and I couldn't believe how good the acoustics were in their gym.

This past Wednesday a group of friends invited us to go bowling at a place just a few minutes from our house. One of the guys had worked there when he was in high school. There were ten of us, and we had a blast. I was a little worried when we went to go in and a big sign on the front door says we may be searched upon entering... but we were about the only people there, and it was a fairly nice place inside. The pizza was actually pretty good too. And I surprised myself with some of the best bowling of my life. I think I started out with a 99, then a 123, and then a 159. I didn't win or anything, but I wasn't trying to. It was just a good time. And it only costs $6 for unlimited bowling Sunday through Thursdays. I think we should do this again.

Last night we ventured out for our first Tincaps game of the year. It had been nice and sunny all day... just about until the time we decided to go to the game. Then it clouded up and got windy, and it was just a little nippy out. We had to buy seats because the lawn was sold out, even though there weren't very many people there. We saw Drew Carrie & Anna and some of their friends. I think we called it a night just after the seventh inning stretch. We did score a primo parking spot (for us), right in front of the library. I'm looking forward to warmer summer nights for Tincaps games.

Now today is a rainy crappy day again. I need to get a haircut at some point. I suppose I should probably get on the treadmill again someday too. I don't even remember the last time I did that.

Peace out; and in.

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