Saturday, May 07, 2011


I got a haircut yesterday afternoon. It's... eh... so-so. When I first went by there were a bunch of people in there, so I had some errands to run and did them first. When I went back I was the only one in there at first. I got a new girl, and she never did say what her name was. But I know that she likes wine, but she can only have 1 glass or she falls asleep, and she pretty much only drinks when she's with her mother, and her husband works on the road, and he's supposed to be home this weekend after having been gone for 2 weeks, and she has 2 kids. She liked to talk, which is ok by me. I wasn't all that impressed with the haircut though, but... you know, there's not much you can do with what's left of my hair. I tried to tell her what the girl did the last time, but I must not have explained it very well, because whatever it was that she did this time was not at all what the girl did the last time. Anyway, she said they were supposed to be remodeling the place. They were supposed to start Monday, but they called while I was there and said they were going to have to push it back a week. And there was no sale today. I had to pay the full $11, plus $2 tip. Is that enough of a tip for an $11 haircut? I dunno.

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