Monday, May 09, 2011

Mother's day

Yesterday was Mother's Day, and we celebrated with my children's mother and the first Mother's Day for my daughter.

Since it was Sunday we started out with church. Instead of making Jane go early with me, I drove the truck out to the church early and let her sleep in a little. After church we went to Bob Evans for lunch. Then we stopped at the old parsonage and watched Carrie sort through some of her stuff that was still there. We laid on the floor with Annabanana and watched her giggle and laugh.

Later we went home and got ready for supper. Son Isaac came up from Anderson and Drew Carrie Anna came over. I cooked steaks on the grill for us - the first time we had used the grill this year, and the first time ever at the new house. Afterward we sat around and chatted for awhile, then everyone left.

The day started out with a dense fog, but it ended up being beautiful in the afternoon. Probably around 70F. A nice day.

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JAH said...

Very, very nice day.