Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Our first overnight babysitting

Last Saturday was the first time Jane and I kept our granddaughter Anna overnight. Sort of. Carrie ended up coming and just staying at our house during the night, rather than waking Anna and taking her home. But still... she was there all night.

Drew brought her over around 8 pm. She was all smiles. Jane thought it would be fun to give her a bath (I guess this is something that some women enjoy doing), so she gave her a bath in the sink. It was kinda funny, because Anna had this strange look on her face the whole time like, "Are you sure you know what you're doing?" And she kept sliding in the sink and almost tipping over. But she was a trooper and didn't whimper the whole time. Then I took this sweet pic after she was done.

Following bath time was bottle time. We fed her a bottle and she nodded off about the time it was finished. So we laid her on a blanket on the floor until we went to bed. Kitty was checking her out, and after licking the top of her head she must have either approved or lost interest.

When we went to bed we put Annabanana in her crib, and we went to bed. I didn't hear a thing - including when Carrie came in. Apparently Anna was kicking her legs and banging the crib against the wall, but neither one of us heard it. I'm sure we would have heard her if she'd started crying though.

Anyway, I got up early Sunday morning and Jane and I were gone before Carrie and Anna were either one awake (or at least out of bed).

I suppose we will get to keep her a few more times. I hope they all go as well as this one. She's a cutie!

Peace out; and in.

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