Thursday, May 26, 2011

Furnishing the mission house

Now that we have moved out of the church parsonage we are in the process of furnishing it as a 'mission house.' We're not interested in renting the place out, but would rather use it to be a blessing to others. So we're hoping to offer it as a place for missionaries to stay while they are on furlough or traveling through the area. Or possibly as an emergency housing option for someone whose home has been destroyed by fire or some such thing.

Before we even announced what we needed, someone offered a washer and dryer. This past Sunday was the first time we asked for donations, and it just so happened that a couple who hadn't been here for awhile showed up that day and were talking on their way to church what they were going to do with their sofa and two matching recliners that they had just replaced. So when they heard the announcement it was like a God-send in both directions. We picked up the couch and chairs yesterday, and they are in awesome condition. I wish Jane and I could find some furniture like that for our basement.

So, we are still looking for a kitchen table and chairs, beds, dressers, living room furniture, desk, pots and pans, toaster, coffee pot, and things like that. Someone suggested that certain businesses might even offer discontinued items or just make donations, but I don't really know anything about stuff like that. But if you happen to know anyone who does, or if you know of anyone looking to get rid of some 'gently used' items... please feel free to hit me up.

Also, if you know of any missionaries who might happen through our area who need a place to stay... feel free to comment here, email me (it's on the sidebar), or get ahold of me somehow.

Peace out; and in.


Pastor D said...

Contact Mike Wakeland at Cherished Again. They sell gently used furnisher etc. Mike is also pastor at New Life Lutheran Church.

dan horwedel said...

Thanks Dan! We've just recently stumbled onto that place. I did not know the guy was a pastor. I did notice the Christian music always playing though.

Pastor D said...

The church started out as an outreach to the Gypsy population in the greater Ft. Wayne area. They are now reaching out to the Burmese who are coming to Ft. Wayne because of political persecution.