Saturday, May 28, 2011

Water, water, everywhere...

Imagine there is a picture here showing how high the water is at the church. I should probably take one, but...

The water is as high around the church as I've ever seen it. We got dumped on Wednesday, and again Thursday. I have no idea how much rain, but it was bucket-fulls at a time. The playground is completely under water, over half the parking lot, the pavilion was under water for the first time I know of, and the recycling shed was almost under water. The porta-potty was in a couple feet of water too.

I was out there yesterday and it hadn't really gone down that much. I'm hoping that it maybe has a little by now, but now I see that they have changed the forecast and we're supposed to get more storms tonight. Ugh.

I just hope the sump pump doesn't give out, because it's running pretty hard. And there was a little water around where the water pipe comes in from the pit - which I need to go mop up now.

Drew Carrie had some water in their basement - running in through the walls - and their car just about got drowned in the street when the tile plugged up.

I can't imagine being a farmer. Geez.

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