Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial day weekend

We didn't do a whole lot this Memorial Day weekend, but we did something. I worked Saturday morning - though it was mostly cleaning up from the flood out at the church. I cleaned up the kitchen floor inside while Scott and Meredith powerwashed the mud off of the parking lot. Then Jane and I had our first experience at the nearby Waynewood Inn for lunch. We'd heard a lot about it, and finally decided to check it out. Just about like we imagined it would be. Not bad.

Saturday afternoon we met all the kids at Jefferson Pointe. Isaac was home to get a haircut, so we all met at Barnes & Noble and visited over coffee-type drinks. Anna was being her cute self, and we eventually walked her around in her stroller with the whole crew.

Sunday morning we had a breakfast at the church. Carrie was in charge of it and she made an amazing french toast casserole. It went over quite well. We also had a baby dedication, so that added a few people. There was actually a good sized crowd. I was expecting it to be pretty sparse, so it's always nice to be surprised the other way. We cooked chicken on the grill for lunch, I mowed the yard at home, then Jane and I went out for supper and hung with some friends.

I also talked to our neighbors in the afternoon. I had seen them bringing a bunch of guitars into their house a few weeks ago. While I was out pulling weeds I thought I heard someone hitting a drum. Sure enough, I went out front and saw the man and wife, and one kid, standing in the garage, and they had an electronic drum set in the garage, and some amps and stuff. I guess the guy has a little band with a couple of his kids and their friend. Later on they were practicing in the garage and I listened to them play an REM song. Very cool. I guess he has like 10 guitars.

Today we slept in - until 8 - and then Jane made us bacon and eggs for breakfast. After that we worked outside a little. We finally cleaned the big fountain out back (see below). It was pretty dirty, so we got a jug of vinegar and bleach and it cleaned up pretty nicely. Except I think I might have cracked it when tipping the water out. It holds water for quite a while, but it eventually leaks out. I suppose they make something to patch it. We also pulled a bunch of the ferns that were growing around it. Later in the morning I went out to the church and mowed there (north and south). Then we had a graduation open house to attend in Bluffton. After that we went to a movie. We saw Hangover II, and wished we hadn't. It was terrible. Someone had told us it was terrible the night before, but we didn't listen to them. We should have seen Pirates of the Caribbean. Oh well. We ended the day by walking down to Dairy Queen and getting mini blizzards.

That was about it. It's hard to believe we needed a jacket on Saturday, and it was over 90 today. Now it's back to the grind.

Peace out; and in.

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