Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Isaac's birthday

Today is son Isaac's 23rd birthday. My how time flies. We will be going down to Anderson tomorrow to take him out for supper and to give him his presents. I will update the post then so as not to give away what we got him.

He is still living in Anderson as a staff member at The Exodus House. They became operational this past year and have made many improvements to the house itself. I think they have also learned a whole lot as well. Since it's not really a 'paying' job, he has also started working at an exotic animal farm as well as substitute teaching. I have to admit, we were kind of glad he started the teaching, as that was always something he seemed to want to do. I'm sure he gained a great deal of experience teaching everything from kindergarten to high school on any given day.

This past year he made a visit to friends in Denver, CO, as well as a trip to Spain (the country) to see his girlfriend (who was there for school). He may have made some other trips that I can't remember right now, or didn't know about in the first place.

Sometimes I wish our son had a more 'normal' job, where he went to work each day, got a nice paycheck, had insurance, and could afford things like a car and whatnot... but we are very proud of him for what he is doing and who he has become. We couldn't ask for a better son. Happy birthday, Bud! Love ya.

Here is a pic of him playing drums in one of his many bands. I think he plays in two of their church bands (drums in one, guitar in the other), and I think this is the band Anderson's Most Wanted.

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