Thursday, June 02, 2011

Dr. visit

I went to the doctor yesterday for a regularly scheduled visit. I have yet to muster the courage to ask the doctor why I have to come back every three months just to get my blood pressure checked and have him listen to my chest. At any rate, I was once again fine. My stats were: Weight - 167 (down 2 pounds; though I was hoping it would have been even more); Blood Pressure - 120/80.

I also needed to get my prescription for Allegra/fexofenadine re-filled. At least I'm hoping I can get the insurance to cover it, since it is now available over the counter. OTC is nice, but it costs way more than having a prescription (at least with our current insurance).

And... of course, I had to waaaaaiiiit. My appointment was at 9:15. I arrived at 9:18 (I figured, why be early, if I'm going to have to wait an hour anyway). I got called back to the exam room at 9:25. The doctor came in at 9:55. I was done at 10:00. So I was there for almost 45 minutes and saw the doctor for 5. You know... I know that doctors are busy people; and I understand that they can't always control how long they're going to spend with people, and that it's to their advantage and ours for us to wait on them rather than them waiting on us. I have no problem with that. But I am getting a little tired of it taking me 45 minutes to an hour every three months just to have my blood pressure checked. I mean, I can check my bp at Walmart, for crying out loud! So... I sat there the whole time thinking that maybe it's time I changed doctors. Maybe I need to see if I can go to the doctor in Jane's doctor's building. Though my current doctor is now closer to me. And I actually like him, and his staff. Still... I don't know. It's just annoying having to take so long just to get my blood pressure checked.

Anyway, he also ordered me for a blood test the next time. He said I don't need to get my cholesterol checked, but my sugar, triglycerides, and just a "general work-up" - because of the bp medicine I'm on. Fun, fun.


Timothy said...

You weren't really asking me...but sort of. There are a couple reasons he may be having you back every three months. Most likely, as you are otherwise healthy and insured, your visits are straightforward and help supplement the long complicated visits that don't get paid for. That is probably done, in part, subconsciously and, in part, intentionally. Alternatively, your blood pressure may be "borderline" controlled and seeing you more frequently will ensure it doesn't creep up without anyone noticing. However, I suspect that if you asked to come every 6 months, that would and should be fine. Remember, ultimately it's still up to you. "This isn't Russia, Danny." (Caddy Shack)

And for what it's worth, 45-60 mins in and out would make a lot of people jealous.

See ya soon

dan horwedel said...

Hi Tim!
I wasn't really asking anybody - just the usual rambling banter - but it is nice to get a qualified opinion on the subject. So, thanks! It's nice to know there are actual reasons too. I suppose it does make sense. I've thought about asking if I could come every 6 months; and I probably should. Of course it's not nearly as bad as I make it out to be, but who wants to read about normal, mundane things, right? :)

Looking forward to seeing you and the family too!