Friday, June 03, 2011


Yesterday I had someone from Los Angeles search for me by typing into google: "mowing dan horwedel indiana." I thought that was interesting. I guess everyone has to be known for something.

I get a lot of hits on my blog by people searching for "guitar-shaped wedding cake." Also, "What's wrong with Dolly." There are several others that garner quite a few hits. I suppose there is a way I could check to see the stats on all that stuff, but... you know... whatever. I thought that was an interesting one though... "mowing dan horwedel indiana." That's me.

Peace out; and in.


Jim said...

You woulda thought searching on "dan horwedel" would've been enough. But possibly they didn't want to get you confused with the thousands of other Dan Horwedels out there. :)

dan horwedel said...

exactly. :)