Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's day

I had a nice Father's Day. Saturday night we took some friends down to see the Exodus House in Anderson. We also took Isaac and Ricci out to eat (Ruby Tuesday). Then Sunday morning Isaac came home and spoke at church. It wasn't planned as a 'Father's Day' thing. He just called one day and asked when a good day to come and speak would be, and I suggested that date because I knew I would be going on vacation the next day. So it was a double bonus that it was also Father's Day.

This is a pic of Isaac, and Anthony, sharing during our Sunday gathering. Anthony is a resident, and seems like a great guy. He shared about how his life had been a little mixed up, spent some time in prison, and how the Exodus House was helping him "pull his head out of his butt." Isaac shared with us more about the house and how it's been going since the last time he was here - about a year and a half ago. They both did really, really good. They said they were nervous, but you couldn't tell at all. They probably spoke better than I do. I felt bad, but I kind of had to cut Isaac off because we were running over a little. I kept pointing at my watch and he finally got the hint. At any rate, they did a great job. I would have been proud just as Isaac's pastor, but was quadrupally proud since he's my son. Well done.

We all went to lunch (with Drew, Carrie & Anna) at EOC, then I went home and mowed the lawn at home before it rained. Then it was pack, pack, pack. In the evening we went down to Ribfest again with Drew, Carrie & Anna and had some ribs and listened to some blues. The Sean Chambers Band was excellent. I loved listening to them. They didn't play a lot of originals, but did a lot of Hendrix and that style of blues/rock - and did it quite well. I think 'Little Wing' might just be one of my favorite songs. Sean is one of those guys that looks like he was born to play guitar - he does it so naturally - and actually seemed to have fun doing it. I also liked that he said "God bless you" quite a bit. And, as I posted on FB, I think screamin' stratocasters were made for Father's Day. At least I enjoyed it.

A nice day.

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JAH said...

I do believe we all enjoyed the day and the weekend. You have awesome kids...and a beautiful granddaughter. Such a great dad you are!