Monday, August 29, 2011

New basement lights at church

This past Saturday we put all new light fixtures in the church basement. We just replaced the 15 fluorescent lights that were there - 3 in the kitchen and six in each room. It actually went pretty smooth. Greg, Scott and Steve D. were there when I arrived at 9. I think Greg had already removed the 6 in the east room. We probably got started going good around 10, and we were done by 1 pm. The lights in the east room were all relatively easy. The ones in the west room were a little trickier. Not that there were problems, but they had the old wiring, and the far west row was wired in series so there was a wire coming in and one going out of each end. But, as I said, all in all it went pretty smooth.

Most people will probably not even notice anything different, but they are WAY brighter than the old lights, and they look WAAAAY better. The old ones were all yellow, and had parts hanging down and pieces missing, and just looked in terrible condition. Who knows how long they'd been there.

Now we need to finish up painting the ceiling, then after the fish fry in October we will get some new carpet for the floor. The only bad thing is... the walls are really going to look crappy after doing all of this. I wish we could paint them, but... that's another story.

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