Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I do not like to paint. However, I seem to be painting quite a bit. I helped Jane paint quite a bit at the Mission House, because the person that helped her the first day didn't come back. Then I painted the garage door and the one wood window at the MH, because I didn't figure anybody else was going to do it.

Now we are painting in the church basement. We are doing the ceiling, duct work, windows, and poles. I was supposed to organize some painters to do this, but everyone I've asked has had some type of excuse or didn't sound overly thrilled. So Jane and I have been doing it. There are a couple of other people that have offered to help, and hopefully they can finish it up once the new lights are installed.

I still do not like to paint.

Added later:
So far, Jane and I logged about 10 hours of prep and painting last week (8/21-26).

Tuesday (8/30) we finally started on the ceiling and painted from 6:30 to 10 pm. Julie came and helped.

Wednesday (8/31) we worked from...

It ended up that Jane prepped/painted/cleaned about 23 hours total, and I did about 42 hours total.

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