Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I dream of a church...

This is just rambling, and off the top of my head; and I may or may not add to this later. Just dreaming. Really.

I dream of a church...

...where everyone who was there actually wanted to be there.

...where everyone enjoyed the company of everyone else (or at least saw that there was some benefit to being a part of the group).

...where everyone realized that it wasn't about 'them' individually or as a member of the church, but it was about 'us' as a society and a member of the human race.

...where the point is not to make silly rules and dream up stupid games to occupy our minds, but to actually work together at serving those we live and work among.

...where we could share what was really on our heart and mind.

...where we didn't have to worry about what other people were thinking of us, or saying behind our back.

...where we could be open and honest, because we knew that we were family and we were committed to one another. Therefore we could sometimes speak hard truths to one another for their benefit.

...where the Word of God and the ways of Jesus were of utmost importance.

...where everyone could feel loved and accepted.

...where people were concerned about one another and cared for one another.

...where we didn't have to hide who we were, but were respected as individuals, and were encouraged in the areas/times we fell short.

...where the larger community looked upon us with respect and hope.

...where we were able to discuss things and when disagreements arose we could 'work through them.'

...where kids could be kids and adults would be adults.