Monday, September 26, 2011

I am in a sunday school class

For the first time in over twelve years I am in a Sunday School class. Since becoming a pastor I've never been in a class. I've taught a few, and occasionally sat in one here and there, but usually I used Sunday School time to get things ready for the worship gathering to follow. I would make out the announcements, eat a banana, try to get my mind together. However, when we started up our classes again this fall Jane asked me about being in her class. I hadn't really thought about it, but it did dawn on me that I missed being a part of a "group." So I decided to try it. Yesterday was only my second class, but I liked it. It's a great class, with a great group of people who don't at all seem to look at me as the "answer man." That was always my biggest worry - would people accept me as just another person, without thinking I knew all the answers and without being intimidated by the "pastor." I think this just might work out.

By the way, we are studying the book of Luke. And come to think of it, I need to order N.T. Wrights commentary on Luke for everyone. Better do that now...