Sunday, September 25, 2011

Jane preaching, clogged drains, etc.

This has been an eventful day. For starters, my lovely wife preached for our worship gathering this morning. I think she's done it three or four or five times now... I can't keep track. At any rate, it's been awhile since the last time. She preached a wonderful message centered around two questions (1) If you suddenly found out that God and Jesus and everything were not real, would it change your life at all; and (2) following up on a sermon I preached not long ago about asking ourselves "Is this the wise thing to do?", she went one further and asked us to consider what determines whether it is wise or not. She did use several biblical references (for those of you wondering about that sort of thing). Anyway, I always like listening to her preach. Hopefully she will do it some more.

We are actually getting quite a teaching team at the church. I had been working with a couple of guys, then Jane, and I'm hoping Joan will jump into the mix... and who knows who else! I also hope to get Isaac to come "home" and preach a sermon. I think it's exciting seeing people respond to a calling God has placed on their heart. It's also nice to be a part of a church group that allows others to preach than just the "ordained" pastor.

Anyway, after that I came home and we had lunch, then I had to fix the drain on the dishwasher and garbage disposal. Jane said something about the gd not draining real good yesterday. I didn't think much of it. Then today she went to put dishes in the dish washer and it had dirty water in the bottom of it. So... I went and bought a bottle of draino stuff and dumped it in the dishwasher and down the drain of the garbage disposal. I let it soak, then used the plunger in the garbage disposal. Guess what?? It came out the dishwasher. So I got on the internet and tried to figure it out. I got all the water out of the dishwasher, then tried to unclog the garbage disposal first. I did that (with the plunger). But then I couldn't figure out how to get the water out of the dishwasher. I finally read where it drains for the first 60 seconds after starting it. So I did that, and sure enough it drained all the water out. But it still didn't seem to be working good. So I dug down around the drain thing, and pulled out the part that comes out, and sure enough it was full of gunk. And underneath there was a bunch of broken glass. Not sure how that got there, or how long it had been there. At any rate, I have run the dishwasher twice now and it seems to be working ok now.

After that I ran down to the golf course and checked in on the fundraiser some friends had going on. A family from our church is raising money to go to the Dominican Republic to help at an orphanage over Christmas. I had hoped to play but it didn't work out. I hung around there for awhile and then the girls took food to the women's shelter.

So... that's about it for this day. I survived another one.