Friday, September 16, 2011

The neighbors moved

It looks like the neighbors across the street moved out today. I had met the mother, but never the father. It appeared it was the two of them, and various kids and grandkids were living there off and on. We were told when we moved in that it was a "rental." Apparently people didn't like that. In fact, this past Monday there was a public hearing at the courthouse about changing the zoning of our little community to "single family, residential." Someone called us and asked us to go, but we didn't really want to get involved in that. Especially when our neighbors across the street were renters. It would seem the zoning was either approved, or they decided to move out anyhow.

When we first moved in we wanted to get to know them, because there always seemed to be a lot of people there. It was kind of a hassle sometimes because they would take up all our parking spaces in front of our house, but we didn't really mind. We'd noticed that the past month or so there hadn't been too many people around and wondered if something was up. So, I guess it was. They are gone. It will be interesting to see who moves in now. We need to be sure to go welcome them to the neighborhood.

The people that lived two houses to the west of them moved out a couple weeks ago. Not sure what the deal was with that. We never did really even know who lived there. Looked like maybe a single mom and a daughter or something.

That's about all the excitement on the street lately.

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