Saturday, September 17, 2011

Laura story and david crowder band

We saw Laura Story and The David Crowder Band in concert last night at First Assemblies of God on Washington Center Road last night. It was a good show. I'd never been inside that building. It seemed like a nice enough place - though Carrie said we were actually in 'Sanctuary B.' I wondered why it wasn't as big as I expected.

At any rate, I have to admit that I wasn't all that excited about seeing LS. I only knew her from the one song that's on the radio and I didn't really know much about her. But I was highly impressed. It was just her on acoustic guitar and she had a guy play keys (and he sat on a bass drum). She did a great set, and told good stories. I liked her. DCB was what I expected... all worship. The only problem was that you couldn't hear him for the first few songs. They finally fixed his mic and it was a nice show. He just tore through their set list and had minimal chatter.

Drew, Carrie and Anna went with us. Anna slept through almost the entire DCB set. Not sure how, but she must have been tired. We were somewhat late getting there, but all the seats were nice. We were in the far corner, almost to the top.

I was at least glad that when they got done they just let us leave. There was no big guilt appeal to get us to give money to something or anything like that. Although the first 20 minutes was the radio station people doing stupid stuff. You know, if we're at your concert (that you're sponsoring) we have probably already heard of your station. Either that or people aren't in your area anyway. It wasn't bad though.

I really needed this concert tonight. It was a nice break from the idiocy going on right now. Thank you, Lord.

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