Saturday, September 17, 2011

The pastor as part of the church community

I think a big problem in many of what we call "churches" is the exclusion of the pastor and his family as part of the church community. For ages there has been this divide between "clergy" and "laity." I seem to always hear people complaining about this, but it seems to me it is just as much the problem of "lay people" as "clergy."

For example, the other day on Facebook I shared about how humbling it was to attend a fundraiser for the transitional living home my son helped start. Lots of people saying some really good things about my son, and I was pretty proud not only of him, but of my wife and daughter and her family and some other family members we had there - for their involvement too. I had 23 people "like" the status, and 7 people commented. What I found striking was that only 2 people from my church did either one - and one of those people was my son-in-law. So I felt very peculiar and isolated from my church since so few of them felt obliged to celebrate with me (because I am FB friends with many people in our church).

That's just one of many examples I could give. And I realize that maybe it's just me, but... I think it happens a lot. Church is just something... else... that people do; little of it has to do with our day-to-day living. And I think that's a problem.

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