Friday, October 21, 2011

I wish there was a better word than "movement"

For some time now we in the church world have been tossing around this word "movement." You know, we don't want to do "programs"... we're not wrapped up in "denominations"... we don't want to settle for "initiatives"... Everybody wants to create a "movement."

I can appreciate what that's all about, but I just have one little problem with it: Every time I read or hear the word "movement" I can't help but think of it in health terms... as in... a bowel movement. I know, my brain is wack. But still, I wish we could come up with a better word.

At any rate, this morning I was reading through a presentation by Andrew Jones (and I've seen this from him before), and he said something that represents what I think the church should be about (movements and everything). He said:
Movement happens when God's people...
  • Make friends
  • Tell stories
  • Throw parties
  • Give gifts

I like that idea (though I'm wondering now if it was "movements happen" instead of "movement happens"... whatever). I wish more Christians thought of being the church in this manner. It seems to allow for more cooperation between us and the Spirit working together. It seems more natural (organic). At least it seems that way to me. But, I dunno... I'm probably full of... movement material.

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