Saturday, October 29, 2011

Missional learning commons at northern seminary

Jane and I attended the 2011 Missional Learning Commons held at Northern Seminary yesterday and today. I will probably post some of my notes eventually (though I didn't take very many). I just wanted to get some logistical information down for the future right now though.

We stayed at the Hyatt Place hotel. It was close to the seminary, and we actually walked over there Friday night. Although the trail through the woods isn't lit. The Weston is actually 'right there' and has a Harry Carey's bar inside. I might check that out if I ever go back.

It was 190 miles, and took us about 3 hours and 20 minutes to get home (without stopping). Google said 3:52. I think we made it a little faster on the way up on Friday, but I drove faster - hoping to get there before rush hour was too bad. We took I-69 to rt. 30, took 30 to Merrilville and got on I-65N, to I-80W, to I-294N, to I-88W, to Highland Ave. N., to Butterfield Rd. E., to Fountain Square Dr. - and we were there. Reversed it all to get home. I think we paid 3 80-cent tolls each way. On the way there we stopped in Valparaiso and got gas. That was 120 miles from home; so it was another 70 from there to Lombard (the hotel/seminary). It took about 2 hours to get to Valpo.

The event was pretty good. It was all about discipleship. There were several speakers, and lots of round-table discussion. Mike Breen and Dave Fitch sort of oversaw the festivities and offered feedback now and then. The biggest problem was that the room was hot, hot, hot on Friday night, and cold, cold, freezing cold on Saturday. Plus, on Saturday we had someone sit at our table who sort of just totally dominated the conversation and refused to discuss what we were supposed to be discussing. He is on staff at Indiana Wesleyan, and just had a new book published. He was a real nice guy, and his wife was super nice, but it irritated the snot out of me and I didn't say much. I don't like being "used" for information, and also being "tooled" to satisfy an unsettled ego (or whatever). I'm just not into the networking thing and performing for someone so they can tweet about it. But other than that it was a pretty good time.

We ate at a Weber Grill restaurant on Friday night, and had a boxed lunch at the seminary Saturday for lunch. We ended up leaving at noon (instead of 3 pm when it was over). The room was so stinking cold, and I was tired of listening to our table mate. The other table mates were all nice though. I suppose anymore I would just as soon leave when I've got enough stuff, rather than risking waiting around to get something more and being overdone. Or something.

Anyway, good trip.

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