Monday, October 17, 2011

The trees have been cut down

Three trees were cut down in our back yard this past Saturday. I was going to post a pic, but... I haven't gotten around to it yet.

Before we had even moved in we were notified by the power company that they would be cutting down the three evergreen trees, because they were growing up into the power lines that run through our back yard. At first we were upset, because we thought we would lose all of our privacy from the neighbors across the way. However, after thinking about it, we didn't really like those trees anyway. They were also a pain to mow around. So we were kind of glad they cut them down. However, they told us they would be doing it in June, and it took them until October 15 to get to it. Whatever.

We weren't home when they did it. We pulled in the driveway and saw a bunch of limbs out by the road, then we realized it was from our back yard. They cleaned up the area fairly well, but we had to go out and rake up some of the debris. It does look kind of weird now too. It definitely opens up the back yard, and the view to the neighbors to our south. Plus, we had just discovered a couple weeks ago that there is a street light in the back between us and the neighbors to southeast. Now it is completely visible, and really lights up the back yard.

The only real problem is that we now have a wire hanging real low coming from the power lines to the house. It is the old phone line. It almost looks like it was cut, or disconnected; and when we got home Saturday the phone thing that's screwed to the backside of the house had been jerked off the wall and was just hanging there. I screwed the phone thing back to the wall, but the tree cutters apparently tied the phone line to the wire bringing our internet into the house. So it looks all weird. One of these days I will have to get the ladder out there and see if I can cut the wire down or something. I dunno. It probably wouldn't be that bad, but it runs right across the playground equipment and can easily be touched from there. So something will need to be done.

So... we're minus three trees in our teeny backyard now. We still have the two giant ones, that will likely fall on our house and cause extensive damage someday. It would probably be nice to put some kind of bushes or something back there to re-establish a little privacy barrier, but I won't miss mowing around those evergreens. Plus, maybe now that the trees are gone we'll be able to see the forest.

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